Touchless Finance: Powered by a predictive machine-learning engine

Modernise back-office workflows and reduce costs

Manual back-office workflows can be highly repetitive, include human errors, time-consuming, contribute to extra costs and limit employees’ ability to add more value. Deloitte Touchless Finance can modernise routine financial processing through machine-learning predictive algorithms that automate repetitive tasks in the Oracle ERP Cloud environment.

Modernise with machine-learning bots

Developed for the Oracle ERP Cloud environment, Deloitte Touchless Finance can boost efficiency and reduce costs by allowing humans to spend less time performing mundane tasks and more time applying new insights. Deloitte Touchless Finance is a suite of modular, automated applications designed to streamline back-office workflows and enhance the user experience. Machine-learning predictive algorithms automate repetitive tasks and a chatbot-driven interface enables users to interact intuitively with the platform through voice commands.

How it works

Touchless Finance uses a trained machine-learning engine with advanced algorithms to continuously monitor and clean existing invoice records as well as make real-time predictions that makes a more efficient operation possible. These predictions can include data corrections that reduce issues such as late payments and fines, duplicate invoices, payables accounting mistakes and inaccurate cash-flow forecasting.

Oracle Cloud integration

Touchless Finance integrates with Oracle ERP Cloud enabling users to:

  • Save time and reduce costs via high-speed, accurate GL code classifications and cleaner audit trail;
  • Make informed decisions based on accurate management-accounting information,
  • Pay suppliers in a timely manner and enhance the company’s market reputation as a trustworthy place to do business; and
  • Enhance both supplier and user satisfaction by responding quickly to inquiries via a chatbot user interface.

Why Deloitte

With a deep knowledge of Oracle Cloud and digital enabling technologies, Deloitte develops agile solutions that can transform operations with a disciplined and innovative approach. Making finance touchless requires strategic know-how of human need, artificial intelligence, analytics, natural language processing and computer vision.

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