Andrew Barroso

Energy, Resources and Industrials


Andrew Barroso

1 New Street Square


United Kingdom


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Andrew leads on Energy, Resources and Industrials for the group. He has over 20 years of experience, applying economics in a variety of projects related to regulation, competition, market analysis and strategy in the energy and utilities sector. He has worked with regulators, energy, and water companies, undertaking price control reviews, analysing the costs of introducing competition, and supporting regulatory due diligence as part of transactions (water, electricity and gas). He has modelled the demand for gas storage in the UK, performed valuations projects for new nuclear build and various energy assets, and led electricity tariff structure reviews and benchmarking of an electricity supply business. On downstream oil, Andrew has completed a market study on the UK petroleum retail market, as well as analysis on compulsory oil stocking obligations.

Andrew Barroso