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Alok Gahrotra

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Alok has over 18 years corporate finance advisory and investing experience, most recently specialising in the acquisition of distressed loan portfolios.

In his 5 years at Deloitte he has led multiple buy and sell side transactions for financial institutions and private equity clients. His most recent transactions include:

  • Sale of a €2.0bn Irish SME commercial real estate loan portfolio
  • Sale of a £500m UK CRE loan portfolio
  • Multiple engagements on the buy side for PE funds including recently for a real estate leasing book in Greece, a CRE book in the Netherlands, a SME portfolio in the UK, a bad bank in Portugal and a servicing platform transaction in Spain.

Before joining Deloitte, Alok was part of the Portfolio Investment team at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

As part of the team at Bank of America Merrill, Alok spent the previous 5 years investing in and managing portfolios across Europe including in India, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Greece where the Bank invested in multiple portfolios.

Prior to his principal investment role Alok worked within the Corporate Finance teams at Deloitte and Andersen, in the UK, ME and in India.

Alok Gahrotra