Alastair Morley

Banking & Capital Markets, Audit & Assurance


Alastair Morley

Hill House

1 Little New Street


United Kingdom


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Alastair is a Partner within Deloitte’s Banking & Capital Markets practice in London. He specialises in the resolvability of banks and accompanying regulation and works with National Resolution Authorities and banks on resolution assessments, operational continuity projects as well as live contingency planning and valuation cases.

Alastair is a leading member of our global team focusing on recovery and resolution and has been working actively in this area for over six years since the Icelandic banking collapse. He has led some of our largest projects in this area, working with Deloitte teams globally and representing Deloitte on industry groups and in discussions with regulators around the world on this topic. As part of his role Alastair leads our RRP network across EMEA and is part of Deloitte’s Single Resolution Board Working Group in Brussels, which looks at development in Resolution Planning and Implementation in the EU.

Alastair Morley