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Anant Jain

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United Kingdom


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Anant Jain is a Director and an accomplished leader within the Risk Advisory practice at Deloitte LLP, renowned for his expertise in catalysing business transformation for organisations. His hallmark achievement lies in the successful realisation of multimillion-dollar savings and cost reductions, achieved through strategic software licensing optimisation and the transformation of IT software deployment methodologies. Anant is a pioneering force in GreenIT and sustainability initiatives, propelling businesses to align their operations with environmentally responsible practices. His vision of an eco-conscious future, combined with astute business acumen, leads to substantial financial gains, and reduced environmental impact for his clients.

Anant possesses a global perspective, having worked across diverse geographies and industry domains. His approach to problem-solving is characterised by a meticulously structured methodology, which empowers clients and stakeholders to achieve not only their financial and operational objectives but also their broader social and sustainability goals. His leadership is synonymous with transformation, enabling organisations to align with their social and business objectives, making him a driving force in the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology.

Anant Jain