Floris Hovingh

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Partner - Head of Alternative Capital Solutions

Floris Hovingh

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United Kingdom


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Floris is the Head of the Deloitte’s Alternative Capital Solutions team and the founder of the Deloitte Alternative Lender Deal Tracker. Prior to Joining Deloitte in 2008, Floris had over 7 years banking experience with HBoS and NIBC in their respective leveraged finance teams in London. Floris is focused on raising alternative capital for private company clients in close cooperation with our local offices globally.

The Alternative Capital Solutions team is focussed on raising debt capital in complex situations from banks and alternative lenders including:

  • higher leveraged situations 
  • growth capital
  • unloved sectors by banks
  • stressed or distressed capital raisings
  • complex jurisdictions.

Deloitte Debt and Capital Advisory has direct access to over 300 global lenders (banks, direct lenders, institutional, family office, special situations and specialist funds).

Floris Hovingh