Jack Flaherty

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Jack Flaherty

Stonecutter Court

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United Kingdom


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Jack is a Manager in Monitor Deloitte’s Digital Strategy practice. He specialises in helping large enterprises to realise strategy in the digital era, working with clients to create and validate specific new innovations using lean startup methods. He also helps them to design the new business architecture (capabilities, structures and processes) required for what represents a fundamentally new way of doing business for incumbents.

Jack operates across multiple industries but focuses mainly on the Consumer & Industrial Product and Services spaces, where the transition from physical inputs and outputs towards new value propositions enabled through digital and analytics is creating a unique set of challenges.

He leads the ‘Structure’ element of Venture Path, helping businesses to effectively organise to deliver and fund new innovations. He also leads Deloitte’s Future Works proposition, a broader perspective on how traditional organisations can adopt digital business models.

Jack Flaherty