Jonathan Gooding

UK lead for Charity, Not for Profit, Education and Local Government Audit


Jonathan Gooding

3 Victoria Square

Victoria Street

St Albans

United Kingdom


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Jonathan is a Partner in Deloitte’s Public Audit Group and has 20 years’ experience of auditing with the Firm. He is passionate about working with organisations that operate for the public benefit, and that make a positive impact on society, and the communities and stakeholders that they serve. He leads the Firm’s Charity, Education and Local Government audit practices; has a lead role within our Health audit practice; and works with organisations from across the private and public sectors. He is experienced in adding value to his clients through sharing best practice and insight from across these sectors. Jonathan also spent three years working within Deloitte’s Risk Advisory group, and has experience of providing a range of assurance and advisory services including with respect to governance, financial planning, business case, and controls assurance.

Jonathan Gooding