Mike Phillips

Simulation and Decision Analytics


Mike Phillips

1 New Street Square


United Kingdom


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Now Mike do business development and commercial activities related to decision science, simulation and analytics projects in the Simulation & Digital Twin team, part of SAMA.

He solves complex business problems and clarify strategic options for clients across all sectors. Through application of physical simulation and scenario based modelling, he help client understand their options and act whether that be in the moment or over multiple years.

These techniques complement artificial intelligence methods and have been successfully applied to a range of client questions from designing new services, reducing operational costs and addressing sustainability questions.

Mike is a mechanical engineer by background and spent 10 years in engineering consulting, design and development at Ricardo and then Cosworth. He joined McLaren to run manufacturing operations of advanced composite products for the Automotive high performance car division. He had a 3-year assignment to set up operations in the US before starting McLaren Applied Technologies in the UK to commercialise Formula 1 methods, technology and intellectual property into a variety of markets.

Mike Phillips