Manmeet Kalsi

Accounting Advisory and Corporate Assurance Partner


Manmeet Kalsi

Four Brindleyplace


United Kingdom

B1 2HZ

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Manmeet is an Accounting Advisory and Corporate Assurance Partner. He leads the Midlands Assurance Hub and a team of 24 who provide a range of corporate assurance services to business across the region. In particular, he focuses on providing corporate accounting assurance services to businesses across the Midlands on technical accounting complexitites. He also leads a local team providing accounting supporting in the area of ESG and Climate change as corporate invest more time and effort in ensuring they are meeting stakeholder expectations in this vitally important area.

Manmeet also has 14 years experience working across the Automotive sector including dealerships, tier 1 and 2 suppliers and OEMs. His experience includes providing a range of Audit and Assurance services across the sector.

Manmeet Kalsi