Vimi Grewal-Carr

Global Clients & Industries Leader

UK Vice Chair

Vimi Grewal-Carr

1 New Street Square


United Kingdom


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Vimi is the Deloitte Global Clients & Industries Leader and a member of the Deloitte Global Executive. She is responsible for enabling Global Clients & Industries to deliver undisputed leadership in all major markets and at the most iconic and complex clients. Vimi also serves as the Global Advisory Partner for a Global Financial Services client where she focuses on enhancing Deloitte’s relationship with the client’s Board and Executives and connects Deloitte firms globally to focus on the client’s priorities. She has a record of success working with global client executives, shaping and driving corporate growth, and advising on corporate strategies, market disruption, best practices and risk mitigation.

Vimi also leads the UK Vice Chair network, fostering collaboration among the group to support the Executive and our firm in increasing eminence in the market, making a greater impact with clients and creating a sense of partnership across the firm. Vimi previously served as the Global Clients Leader, and as Global Lead Partner for a Global Financial Services client. She was previously Managing Partner of Innovation in the UK and acted as a change agent driving the adoption of Innovation both within Deloitte and our clients.

Vimi is a passionate advocate for diversity issues and a founder of the 30% Club and the London Women's Forum.

Vimi Grewal-Carr