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What’s Next for Philanthropy in the 2020s in the news

What’s Next for Philanthropy in the 2020s in the news

Over the past two years, Monitor Institute by Deloitte’s What’s Next for Philanthropy in the 2020s initiative has engaged more than 200 philanthropy executives, professionals, donors, board members, experts, and grantees in thinking about where the future of philanthropy might be headed. The resulting report and toolkit highlight the “Big Shifts” that are changing the world and how they are influencing the leading “Edges” of philanthropic practice in the field.

Since the report’s release in September, Monitor Institute by Deloitte has continued to write and speak to promote dialogue in the field.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy featured an op-ed entitled “Big Shifts for Philanthropy: What’s Coming in the Decade Ahead” by What’s Next authors Gabriel Kasper, Justin Marcoux, and Jennifer Holk in its November issue.

And Inside Philanthropy reviewed the report in an October article entitled “‘Revisit the Assumptions.’ A New Report Poses Big Questions About Funders’ Impact in the 2020s.” Additional blog posts about the report have also been featured by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, and New Profit.

In addition, the Monitor Institute by Deloitte team has also spoken at a wide range of recent philanthropy events, including a recent plenary speech at the Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC) national conference, which was followed by a dynamic panel discussing the implications of the report for Canadian funders that included Jean-Marc Mangin of PFC, Andrew Chunilall of Community Foundations of Canada, Djaka Blais-Amare of the Foundation for Black Communities, and Wanda Brascoupé of the Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund.

We’re excited that the work has spurred so much conversation in the field, and we’ll keep you posted as we continue to release new materials over the coming months.

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Gabriel Kasper

Gabriel Kasper

Managing Director | Monitor Institute by Deloitte

Gabriel is a managing director with Monitor Institute by Deloitte, and co-leads the Institute’s philanthropy consulting practice. He has spent more than two decades as a futurist, exploring the leading edge of philanthropic practice, and as a strategic advisor to many of the nation’s largest and most innovative funders. He is an award winning author and has written numerous articles and monographs about the future of philanthropy, scenario planning, and social innovation, including An Event or An Era: Resources for Social Sector Decision-Making in the Context of COVID-19, What’s Next for Philanthropy, The Re-Emerging Art of Funding Innovation, What’s Next for Community Philanthropy, Reimagining Measurement, Intentional Innovation, Working Wikily: Social Change with a Network Mindset, and On the Brink of New Promise. Prior to joining the Monitor Institute, he served as a program officer at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and a program manager at the Berkeley Community Fund.