30 Sep.

CFO 4Sight: Unique times can create unique opportunities for CFOs

Chief Financial Officer

Thursday, 03:00 p.m.  ET
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Course Description

Despite continued uncertainty due to the pandemic, many CFOs remain optimistic about the economic outlook for the year ahead. To position their companies to recover and thrive in that economy, many are pursuing new disruptive business growth strategies, including M&A, and others are focused on shoring up their supply chains for a post-COVID world. In this edition of CFO 4Sight, we’ll explore how CFOs are adapting their strategies and finance organizations to meet the growing demands of the changing business environment. Please join us to discuss:

  • CFOs’ expectations for the North American economy, equity markets, and their own organizations;
  • Economic news and trends from around the world;
  • The CFO’s role in developing strategies for adapting and uncovering value through mergers and acquisitions;
  • The contributions finance can make to help create resilient supply chains.

Learning Objectives 

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify ways CFOs are adapting strategies to meet growing demands in the changing business environment.
  • Recognize what CFO expectations are for the American economy, equity markets, and their own organizations.
  • Identify economic trends from around the world that are impacting finance departments.

Meet the speakers

Steve Gallucci

Steve Gallucci

Global and US CFO Program Leader

Steve is the Global and US leader for the CFO Program. The CFO Program harnesses the broad capabilities of the firm to deliver forward thinking insights for every stage of a CFO’s career. Steve helps CFOs manage the complexities of their roles, tackle compelling challenges, and adapt to strategic shifts in the market. In addition to his CFO Program leadership responsibilities, Steve’s 30 years of experience at Deloitte includes advising our largest and most complex clients in the Consumer & Industrial Products, Media, and Private Equity sectors. Prior to his current role, Steve served as the New York Marketplace Managing Partner.

Thursday, 30 Sep 2021 03:00 p.m. ET
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