28 Jul.

Global Human Capital Trends: The worker-employer relationship in flux

HR Executives

Wednesday, 02:00 p.m.  ET | 1 hr
Credits offered: CPE Event language: English

Participants will explore perspectives from Deloitte’s 2021 Special Global Human Capital Trends Report on the new workforce strategies required to thrive in the future.

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Key takeaways

Host: Burt Rea, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Presenters: Kraig Eaton, and Shannon Poynton

1 Overview CPE credit | HR/Personnel

In 2020 and 2021, the social enterprise and the empowered worker have collided in ways we’ve never seen before. What does this convergence mean for the future of the worker-employer relationship that was put to the test in recent months? We’ll discuss:

  • The uncertainties are most likely to influence the future of the worker-employer relationship.
  • Four possible futures for how the relationship could evolve in the next three to five years.
  • Strengths, risks, and implications for the workforce and the organization.

Participants will explore perspectives from Deloitte’s 2021 Special Global Human Capital Trends Report on the new workforce strategies required to thrive in the future.

Meet the speakers

Burt Rea

Burt Rea

Managing Director

Burt serves clients in the Life Sciences sector to help them overcome organizational challenges as they implement new strategies, processes, structures, and systems for their organizations. Burt has led engagements on organizational culture, learning and leadership development, organization structure and role design, change management, communications, hybrid and virtual work, workforce/employee experience, and talent strategy for numerous global companies. Burt leads Deloitte Consulting’s US Culture Transformation offering, which provides methods and tools for assessing and shaping organizational culture (behaviors, values, and beliefs). How organizations curate and evolve their cultures to enable business strategy and capture new opportunities materially differentiates their performance in the market. Burt also hosts Deloitte’s Human Capital HR Executives Dbriefs series, a monthly webcast on emerging Human Capital issues and trends, and he co-hosts Deloitte’s Capital H podcast which brings together leaders and luminaries to discuss key challenges and emerging solutions in Human Capital.

Kraig Eaton

Kraig Eaton

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Kraig is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP's US Human Capital service area, specifically Deloitte’s HR Transformation practice where Kraig leads our HR Operational Excellence offering. Kraig has more than 22 years of experience working with senior business and HR executives to transform their HR strategy and capabilities to better support the business goals of the organization. Client engagements span the full end to end scope of HR services, ranging from the development of an organization’s HR and Talent strategies and operating models, through the implementation of those strategies, models and enabling technologies. Specific areas of deep expertise include: HR strategy development, global process design, global service delivery and shared services implementations, and HRIT software selections. Kraig’s experiences have focused on large, complex global organizations across industries. Kraig graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Studies.

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Wednesday, 28 Jul 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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