Suzanne Kounkel

Suzanne Kounkel is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP and the chief marketing officer (CMO) of Deloitte, her latest professional adventure in a 20-plus-year career with the organization. As the leader of Deloitte’s integrated marketing and sales organization, Suzanne challenges her team to push the bounds of creativity and collaboration in pursuit of two intertwined goals: Happy clients and healthy business growth.

Suzanne’s trifecta of business, technology, and marketing experience provides the essential foundation for spearheading marketing and sales in an era of rapid change and ground-breaking innovation. She serves concurrently as the CMO for Deloitte Consulting LLP, a role that further grounds her marketing and sales leadership in business-specific insights. Additionally, she previously ran Deloitte’s US Consulting Tech sector industry practice—one of the organization’s biggest and fastest growing businesses.

A driver of transformational change throughout her Deloitte career, Suzanne’s track record also includes leading Deloitte’s US Customer market offering (which involves CMO services), creating Deloitte’s Next Gen CMO Academy, and developing Deloitte’s customer, market, product, and M&A integration methodology.

Suzanne’s ability to connect with clients, understand their challenges, and help solve their problems is recognized and respected throughout Deloitte. She has led relationships with many of Deloitte’s largest clients, helping them to reimagine how they attract, engage, and retain customers.

Never content with the status quo, Suzanne has been a result-oriented advocate for women in leadership roles throughout her career. She led the Women’s Initiative in Consulting, where she helped to significantly increase the percentage of female leaders in market-facing roles. A dedicated coach and advocate, Suzanne is passionate about mentoring Deloitte professionals on their path to leadership roles.

Lending her voice to broader industry conversations, Suzanne is a frequent speaker and published author on issues close to her CMO heart, including purpose-driven brand, elevating the human experience within B2B marketing, and the ethical use of data within marketing. She is also a member of the Adweek Diversity and Inclusion Council, a recently launched advisory committee comprised of marketing industry leaders that share a collective shared passion: Advancing diversity and inclusion in the marketing ecosystem.