Vivek (Vic) Katyal

Vic is Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s chief operating officer (COO). He oversees business operations and finance and focuses on driving more consistency, accuracy, timeliness, efficiency, and accountability into financial and operational management processes, including planning, forecasting, deployment, pricing, delivery costs, asset development, billing/collections, expenses management, etc.

As COO, Vic is an integral part of Risk and Financial Advisory’s Executive Committee and works closely with the chief executive officer to prioritize the goals of the practice and align with our vision and strategy. He is Risk and Financial Advisory’s representative on the overall Firm’s Operating Committee.

Vic has held a variety of previous leadership positions within Risk and Financial Advisory. Prior to his COO role, he recently served as the Global Risk Analytics, Global Data Risk, and US Risk and Financial Advisory’s Analytics leader, supporting cross-function and cross-border collaboration. Additionally, Vic has supported innovation and growth in the market as a Solution leader for the Cyber Data Platform within Cyber Risk, as well as the Enablement and Operate lead in the Regulatory and Operations Risk Market Offering.

In addition to his leadership roles, Vic primarily serves cyber and data risk domains at his clients and manages professionals who support those areas, with a particular focus in the Banking & Securities Industry at the top five US financial services institutions. He has led a number of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and data risk management initiatives at his clients, helping them design and implement data programs and technology-enabled solutions to control, monitor, manage, and glean insights from data assets. | +1 612 397 4772