Ali Shahbaz

Ali Shahbaz joined the Beeck Center in fall 2017. He is a rising junior in Georgetown University's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, majoring in international politics with a concentration in international security, a minor in French, and a certificate in international business diplomacy. At the Beeck Center, Shahbaz remains interested in exploring the intersection between innovation, scaling, and impact deliverables. He has worked on projects that include investigating frameworks and patterns for fintech discourse across sectors; investigating the role of public-private partnerships in social impact investing; and facilitating conversations on data-sharing, trust and governance in collaboration with Deloitte Consulting and the MacArthur Research Network on Open Governance. Shahbaz has lived in Pakistan, Switzerland, and Connecticut, and is now based in Washington, DC. He has been the Pakistan Youth Ambassador to the United Nations; he is a consultant for Georgetown Global Consulting; the director of international programming for Georgetown's International Student Association; hearing officer for the Georgetown Honor Council; and an active delegate on the travel team for Georgetown's Model United Nations. When not working, Shahbaz loves playing the piano, traveling, painting, and alpine skiing. He will be joining JP Morgan as a summer analyst in the corporate and investment banking division.