Derek Snaidauf

As a recognized expert in data science and artificial intelligence, Derek is a principal with Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP. He holds leadership roles in Deloitte’s Forensic Analytics and Automotive Analytics practices, as well as its Intelligent Quality & Safety and Warranty Cost Reduction service offerings.

During his two-decade management consulting and professional services career, Derek has helped numerous clients achieve smarter insights and stronger outcomes by leveraging big data, analytics, process improvement, and technology solutions. He specializes in proactively identifying rare events with significant impacts, such as product quality & safety issues, equipment failures, fraud & financial crimes, network intrusions, and others.

Derek is a two-time recipient of the Association of Management Consulting Firms' Value and Excellence Award for his effectiveness in improving operational performance and managing risk for his clients. He also is a recipient of the prestigious IBA Analytics Leadership Award from the Kelley School of Business. Prior to joining Deloitte, Derek held senior leadership roles with IBM and PwC. | +1 312 898 0420