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Balancing act: Seeking just the right amount of digital for a happy, healthy connected life

The 2023 Connected consumer survey explores device usage as a gateway to meaningful connections, better health, safer homes, and valued virtual experiences. This year, consumer concerns around digital fatigue, well-being, and data privacy and security persist, while the “just right” balance between virtual and physical worlds remains elusive. Tech companies that help consumers find that balance will likely benefit.

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devices and virtual experiences for the long term


Immersive 3D and generative AI are shaping the digital future

Younger consumers embrace a world where physical and digital experiences blend in engaging and intuitive ways.

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The 4th edition of Deloitte’s Connected consumer survey explores US consumers’ digital lives, including tech adoption, data privacy and security, virtual visits and wearables, remote work, and 5G connectivity. The online survey was conducted in Q2 2023 with 2,018 US consumers and weighted to the US Census to give a representative view.

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The Deloitte Center for Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT Center) conducts research and develops insights to help business leaders see their options more clearly. Beneath the surface of new technologies and trends, the TMT Center’s research can help executives simplify complex business issues and frame smart questions.

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Deloitte Digital Media Trends 2023

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TMT Predictions 2023

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Voice of the connected consumer

Voice of the connected consumer

What consumer technology trends are shaping our lives? Watch the video to hear from US consumers.

Consumers are using connected devices to enhance their daily lives and well-being while fine-tuning the balance between their virtual and physical worlds.


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