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Board practices report: Diversity Is on the upswing

CFO Journal; October 18, 2019

Gender tops boards’ criteria for diversity, while succession planning relies heavily on referrals from existing board members. >

Four areas of focus for the CFO of the future

CFO Journal; October 17, 2019

Finance leadership is expanding to include more involvement in strategic technology investment decisions, analytics, and active shareholder engagement. >

Tech leadership study: Rise of the tech-focused CXO

CMO Today; October 17, 2019

Technology’s influence on an organization’s business strategy, day-to-day operations, and value creation can require business and technology leaders to partner across the enterprise to help ensure operational excellence and cocreate new sources of value. >

Weekly global economic update

October 16, 2019

Includes updates on a US-China trade deal, the prospect of slower growth in China, and a possible easing of the job market in the US. >

Five trends giving cloud a boost

CIO Journal; October 14, 2019

Most companies have already shifted some processes to the cloud to reduce costs and speed up service delivery. Recent developments in several key areas are putting wider adoption and additional rewards within closer reach. >

Providence St. Joseph Health CFO: Transforming patient care

CFO Journal; October 14, 2019

A sweeping business modernization is focused on the company’s 12.6 million patient-consumers. >

How operational issues can affect brand health

CMO Today; October 14, 2019

Understanding how back-office functions influence the customer experience can help CMOs stop problems before they begin. >

Lease deferrals may tempt some to delay efforts

Risk & Compliance Journal; October 14, 2019

As public companies continue to work through lease accounting adoption challenges, other organizations may get more time to prepare. But looming deferrals could pose risks. >