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George A. Touche


George A. Touche apprenticed as an accountant in Edinburgh before traveling to London and qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1883. After practicing for six years, he was appointed secretary of the Industrial and General Trust. This appointment was his first involvement with investment trusts, a field in which he would become an acknowledged expert.

Although best remembered for the accounting companies he founded, Touche was also deeply involved in civic life. He was a member of Parliament for North Islington from 1910 to 1918. In recognition of his many achievements, Touche was knighted in 1917 and appointed a baronet three years later.

Touche was actually born with the surname Touch (pronounced in Scotland to rhyme with "loch"). But his name, when mispronounced "Tutch" by the English, had negative connotations. The Oxford Standard Dictionary gave one definition of "touch" as "to wheedle a sum of money out of someone," which Touche felt was hardly appropriate for an accountant. In 1906, therefore, he changed his name to Touche, its ancient Scottish spelling.

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