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W. Grant Gregory and J. David Moxley

Co-Managing Partners Touche Ross

W. Grant Gregory and J. David Moxley formed a two-man team in 1982 and succeeded Russell Palmer as leaders of Touche Ross, a predecessor of Deloitte & Touche. Their collaboration was based on a division of responsibilities that reflected their respective strengths as leaders.

Gregory, a native Nebraskan, joined the firm in 1963, becoming partner in 1971. His numerous contributions to the accounting profession include serving as director of the National Association of Accountants. As the firm's co-managing partner, Gregory was responsible for attracting and serving new clients.

Moxley's career with the firm began in 1958. After becoming a partner in 1966, he quickly moved on to head the San Francisco office and later the New York office. Moxley was well-known for his innovative ideas. As co-managing partner, he was responsible for the administrative aspects of running the firm. In 1983, he was elected managing director of Touche Ross International.

W. Grant Gregory and J. David Moxley
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