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Robert Trueblood

Chairman, Touche Ross

Robert Trueblood, chairman of the Deloitte & Touche predecessor firm of Touche Ross from 1963 until his death in 1973, was remarkable for his impact on the profession. He was awarded the Elijah Watt Sells Silver Medal in 1941, and went on to co-author Sampling Techniques in Accounting and write The Future of Accounting Education and Auditing, Management Games, and Accounting Education. Trueblood was president of the AICPA from 1965 through 1966 and served on the President's Commission on Budget Concepts during the Johnson administration.

He is one of the many Deloitte & Touche people upon whom the AICPA has bestowed its highest honor, the Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession.

Trueblood is best remembered, however, for his chairmanship of the Trueblood Committee, a study group on the objectives of financial statements. The committee sought to make these statements aid economic decision-making and ensure they met the needs of outside users.

The committee's recommendations had a significant impact on the profession. In 1978, the major objectives were adopted, almost unchanged, by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Robert Trueblood
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