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Deloitte University's client experiences

Deloitte University's client experiences

Deloitte University's (DU) client experiences showcase showcases Deloitte’s tangible, game-changing value. Some of the liveliest, most transformative client experiences anywhere are happening within the walls of DU.

From half-day experiences to single and two-day labs, Deloitte Greenhouse® hosts thousands of clients at DU every year. “The mission is to design and deliver a breakthrough client experience. We do this through strategic conversations that fully engage the purpose and capabilities of DU—our world-class leadership, talent development, strategy, innovation, and facilities,” said Program Lead Jeff Suttle.

In January 2015, a major airline’s technology leadership team participated in a custom lab to speed their alignment around a new vision and operating model, establishing themselves as a more cohesive, high-performing team. In April, business technology leaders from a nationwide distributor and longstanding client participated in an immersive experience where the team level-set on their cause, values, mission, and vision, laying the foundation for collective ownership of a revolutionary approach.

Both engagements used the full capabilities of DU, where our value becomes visible and tangible to clients.

Hosted 50 percent of the Fortune 500 companies to date

Facilitated 265 client experiences in FY15 and 140 client labs

Hosted more than 3,000 Wicked Problems participants, generating over 2,000 ideas to help not-for-profit organizations

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