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Q3 2017

The grocery digital divide: Digital’s impact on the consumer path to purchase
As the digital influence on grocery continues to rise and the divide closes, the consumer products (CP) companies that can quickly transform their operations and come up with innovative ways to improve and integrate the consumer brand experience online and offline will likely find themselves winning both market and mind share. Those CP companies who are slower to react to this changing landscape may go home hungry.

The chemical multiverse 4.0: Promising future for the strong, decisive, and persistent chemical company
This study serves as a vital aid to help chemical companies evaluate their current conditions, understand where they want to head in the future, and then make strategic changes to continue on the path to lasting success.

Q2 2017

Cyber risk in consumer business
Consumer business leaders are relatively attuned to the risk of fraud or credit card data theft. But other risks such as operational disruption, intellectual property (IP) theft, or food safety hazards, for example—are uncharted territory for many.

2017 US aerospace and defense industry export and labor market study
This study includes developments and trends from two important focus areas in the US aerospace and defense industry: employment and exports.

2017 US perception of the manufacturing industry: Manufacturing matters to the American public
Survey findings show the general public considers manufacturing vital to economic prosperity but many are not interested in manufacturing careers.

'Click and connect' with consumer products consumers: Driving purchase and brand loyalty in a digital-first world
Winning CP companies in a digital-first world will require targeted content in both digital and traditional delivery channels.

Reflections on World Water Day
There are many opportunities for companies to take the lead in managing global water supply and help avert a global water crisis.

Women in manufacturing: Stepping up to make an impact that matters
The women we surveyed and interviewed had a lot to say about jobs they’ve had (or aspire to have) as well as about manufacturing and changes they would like to see in the industry’s culture.

Q1 2017

Aerospace and defense cross-border joint ventures
This study highlights major trends in cross-border JVs in the global A&D sector over the past 10 years, issues particular to active regions, and concludes with notable considerations that impact JV value creation.

The race to autonomous driving: Winning American consumers’ trust
Are US consumers ready for self-driving cars? Our survey shows that they’re increasingly interested in automation, particularly if it improves safety. The bad news: They’re less and less willing to spend their own money to make the future of mobility a reality.

Digital transformation – Are chemical enterprises ready?
As the global chemical industry prepares to embrace digital transformation, many challenges and obstacles can impact the decisions of senior executives. Explore findings from the inaugural 2016 Global Digital Chemistry Survey.

Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution Industry Outlook 2017
Is disruption the new normal? By enabling technology, reinventing brands, and exploring new business models, companies in the retail, wholesale, and distribution industry can prepare themselves for a range of probabilities.

Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook 2017
Explore the latest travel and hospitality industry trends and find out how four catalysts of change could impact travel in 2017.

Consumer Products Industry Outlook 2017
Our latest consumer products industry overview provides a closer look at the trends that are disrupting the industry and changing the way they go to market.

2017 Global Aerospace and Defense Sector Outlook
The global aerospace and defense sector is likely to experience stronger growth in 2017, following multiple years of positive, but a subdued rate of growth.

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Q4 2016

High-performing manufacturers: Where they play and how they win
When it comes to competitiveness, what differentiates the top global manufacturers from the rest? Learn the capabilities and attributes that help make top performers stand out—even when the bar continues to rise.

Cyber risk in advanced manufacturing: Getting ahead of cyber risk
The study examines six emerging themes and offers manufacturers insights into what they should do to be secure, vigilant, and resilient in addressing cyber risk.

Program management solutions and success in aerospace & defense
aerospace and defense organizations can increase their buying power by exploring the root causes of program management issues and recommendations for sustainable improvement.

2016 pre-Thanksgiving retail pulse survey: What will retailers be thankful for this year?
Thanksgiving weekend is often considered the kick-off to holiday shopping and sets the tone for the holiday shopping season. Explore consumer attitudes and shopping trends going into the peak weekend. Will retailers be thankful this year?

The next era of aerospace and defense: How to outperform amidst innovative disruption
Aerospace and defense industry analysis shows that “staying the course” with the same strategies and business models may not fly much longer.

2016 Deloitte holiday survey: Ringing in the retail
2016 will be far from business as usual for the nation’s retailers. According to Deloitte’s annual consumer shopping survey, more consumers plan to shop online for gifts than ever before, and shoppers anticipate spending just as much online as they do in stores.

Program management in A&D: Still late and over budget
Government and commercial aerospace programs face significant challenges, from changing regulations to additional requirements. By exploring the root causes of program management issues and recommendations for sustainable improvement, aerospace and defense (A&D) organizations can increase their buying power.

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Q3 2016

Ring in the new: Holiday season e-commerce sales poised for strong growth
Although classification issues make it difficult to find recent and detailed information on e-commerce sales, indications show it is growing fast. And in the upcoming holiday season, we expect e-commerce sales to grow 17–19 percent.

The new digital divide: The future of digital influence in retail
Today, retailers almost universally recognize that digital has reshaped customer behavior and shopping forever. So why are so many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers still so far behind at creating the digital experiences that customers really want?

Back-to-college survey 2016: Two sides of the shopping story
In its fourth year, Deloitte’s back-to-college survey includes shopping trends from both parents and college students—a population that is taking on more of the financial responsibility than in year’s past. Find out how much they are spending and on which products, what role digital will play, and when they plan to commence shopping.

Back-to-school survey 2016: Shopping for the “easy A”
Our ninth annual back-to-school survey reveals the latest trends likely to impact spending in the 2016 school season. Find out when and where consumers will shop, how much they will spend and on what products, how digital technologies will influence shopping behavior, and more.

2016 global A&D sector financial performance study
This study analyzes the top 100 global aerospace and defense companies, or business units of industrial conglomerates with A&D business, with reported revenue of more than $500 million in 2015 with financial statements filed by December 31, 2015.

Commercial aircraft backlog analysis
Deloitte’s report examines what part of the global aircraft backlog—orders that have not yet been fulfilled—could potentially be at risk of cancellation or deferral, and helps to inform industry dialogue on this matter.

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Q2 2016

2016 global manufacturing competitiveness index
The 2016 Global manufacturing competitiveness index reveals country rankings and competitiveness drivers through a survey of more than 500 of the world’s leading manufacturing CEOs and senior executives.

Deloitte retail volatility index: How 100 years of conventional wisdom is being disrupted
Our latest study measures disruption in the industry through results of the Deloitte retail volatility index (RVI). This index quantifies the volatility and fragmentation in the US retail market, revealing that small and mid-level players are collectively stealing share from big retailers.

Reshoring manufacturing jobs to the United States: Myth or reality?
Early signs such as increased foreign direct investments and announcements by multinationals to design and manufacture products locally point to a renewed interest in re-shoring manufacturing jobs to the United States. But is it too early to rule out the lure of lower labor costs and untapped consumer markets offered by emerging markets?

US aerospace and defense export competitiveness study
The US aerospace and defense sector has been a significant contributor to America’s net exports during the period 2010 through 2015, as well as a top employer, taxpayer, and major contributor to the nation’s gross domestic product.

US aerospace and defense labor market study: Employment outlook upbeat, reversing job losses
The US aerospace and defense sector is one of the top employers and taxpayers to the US economy.

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Women at the wheel: Recruiting, retaining, and advancing women in the global automotive industry
Developing a competitive advantage in an increasingly complex environment requires teams of talented professionals with diverse perspectives, skills, and experience. Women are a critical component of the winning formula, yet many believe women are underrepresented within the global industry.

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