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Auditor independence education materials

Bringing auditor independence to the forefront

Deloitte & Touche LLP, in conjunction with the University of Illinois Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society, has developed a program to help audit and accounting professors and other faculty teach auditor independence to their students.

Educating students about auditor independence

Auditor independence education materials were created by focusing on core concepts, real-world applications and prevailing rules related to auditor independence. The materials were designed to create a greater awareness among students about why independence is important to our profession as well as the capital markets.

Currently used by 583 professors from 419 universities in 38 countries, these materials include a video program and discussion questions, an in-class laboratory market game, five case studies, suggested solutions, and teaching notes. Portions of the education materials can be used for undergraduate and graduate courses and may be particularly useful for introductory accounting and auditing and advanced auditing courses.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the materials, please contact Kristy Chernick, Deloitte Foundation or Gretchen Winter, University of Illinois.

Access the materials free of charge and register to receive a username and password for an in-class market game, discussion questions, suggested solutions, and teaching notes. A student Web site is also available.

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