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Developing the talent of the future

The Deloitte Foundation makes an impact that matters in education. Students, faculty, and the profession all benefit from the foundation’s efforts. The following are just a few of the numbers describing those efforts.

Deloitte Foundation numbers at a glance

The Deloitte Foundation makes an impact that matters in education. Students, faculty, Deloitte, and the profession all benefit from the Foundation's efforts.

For the past 87 years, the Deloitte Foundation has supported education to help develop the talent of the future. Like Deloitte’s RightStep™ education strategy, the foundation aims to set students and their influencers on a path to success through a variety of programs that promote excellence in teaching, research, and curriculum development.

Deloitte Foundation numbers at a glance

Trueblood cases

More than 1,900 faculty members use the Deloitte Foundation’s Trueblood cases in the classroom. The Trueblood cases illustrate some of the most complex accounting and auditing issues currently confronting the profession, and how those issues may be addressed. Faculty can access 50 cases online for classroom use.

In addition, the Deloitte Foundation and the American Accounting Association sponsor the Trueblood Seminars for Professors. More than 2,400 professors have participated since its inception in 1965. At the seminars, Deloitte & Touche LLP professionals present difficult cases they have encountered in practice and then work with attending faculty on possible solutions. Rounded out by guest speakers, the Trueblood Seminars keep professors connected with real-world issues and current challenges in the profession. Recent Trueblood Seminars, for example, have focused on such key topics as innovation, including how analytics may be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of audits.

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Case study competitions

In FY15, 1,811 students were introduced to relevant real-world experience through Deloitte Foundation case study competitions in the areas of advisory, audit, tax, and consulting, with scholarships awarded to top achievers.

The competitions enable students to explore the types of practical issues Deloitte professionals encounter every day while incorporating aspects of the working environment, including group dynamics, communication, and interpersonal skills. The competitions include:

  • National Student Case Study Seminar: Exposes accounting students to real-world examples of complex issues dealt with in accounting and auditing practice.
  • FanTAXtic Tax Case Study Competition: Includes case simulation, role playing, and presentation to help students better understand the types of experiences and business challenges they can expect from a career in tax.
  • National MBA Case Competition: Brings together students from top-tier MBA programs to test their critical thinking and business knowledge through a case simulation of a topical, complex business issue.
  • Cyber Threat Competition: Creates awareness around cyber security, helps build cyber security subject matter specialization, and provide an educational venue for students to apply theory and practical skills related to cyber security.
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Pursuing academic careers

Since 1956, more than 1,000 accounting PhDs have earned their doctorate with support from the Deloitte Foundation’s Doctoral Fellowship Program. Given to students who plan to pursue academic careers upon graduation, the award supports recipients, who are educating the future talent of the profession, in their final year of coursework and the subsequent year in which they will complete their dissertation. In 2016, the Deloitte Foundation awarded $25,000 grants to 10 top accounting PhD candidates.

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Matching Gifts Program

Since 1972, the Deloitte Foundation has offered a Matching Gifts Program, which encourages partners, principals, and directors—both active and retired—and employees of the Deloitte US firms to support higher education through contributions to US colleges and universities. In FY15, nearly 400 institutions received matching donations of $6.5 million from the Deloitte Foundation. Over the past 10 years, the foundation has made more than $70 million in matching gifts to benefit schools and students across America.

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