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Deloitte Foundation sponsors faculty awards

Recognizing excellence in research and teaching

The American Accounting Association (AAA) and American Taxation Association (ATA), in cooperation with the Deloitte Foundation, presents the annual Wildman Award and Teaching Innovation Award, respectively.

Distinguished winners

American Accounting Association Wildman Award

Together with the American Accounting Association, the Deloitte Foundation sponsors the annual Wildman Medal, which is awarded to an author (or co-authors) of research judged likely to advance the theory and practice of public accounting.

The 2016 award recipients are: Professors Mary Barth (Stanford University), Wayne Landsman (University of North Carolina), Mark Lang (University of North Carolina), and Christopher Williams (University of Michigan). The winning paper entitled “Are IFRS-based and US GAAP-based accounting amounts comparable?” was published in The Journal of Accounting and Economics (2012) Vol. 54, Pages 68-93).

American Taxation Association Teaching Innovation Award

The Foundation also directly supports new teaching methods by sponsoring this $5,000 annual award for tax professors who develop innovative teaching techniques that encourage critical thinking.

American Accounting Association/J. Michael and Mary Anne Cook/Deloitte Foundation “Cook Prize”

In 2016, the Deloitte Foundation announced a $1 million commitment to fund the American Accounting Association/J. Michael and Mary Anne Cook/Deloitte Foundation “Cook Prize.” Established with an initial gift of $1 million from Mike Cook, retired Deloitte & Touche LLP chairman and CEO, and his wife, Mary Anne, the award recognizes up to three professors annually, one each in the categories of graduate, undergraduate, and two-year accounting degree programs. Award recipients must consistently demonstrate the attributes of a superior teacher in the discipline of accounting. 

This year’s awards were presented to Professors G. Peter Wilson (Boston College), Billie Cunningham (University of Missouri), and Markus Ahrens (St. Louis Community College). The recipients in 2015, the inaugural year of the prize, were Joe Hoyle (University of Richmond), Tracie Miller-Nobles (Austin Community College), and Mark Nelson (Cornell University).


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