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TAP Into Your Leadership Potential

TAP Into Your Leadership Potential

Managers accelerate their success through hands-on practice in the stewardship of people, projects, and client relationships.

Part of the Deloitte Leader Development curriculum, TAP Into… Your Leadership Potential (TAP YLP), is a cross-functional program designed to accelerate the transition of newly-promoted and newly-hired US managers, specialist masters, and associates levels seven and eight. During an intense three and a half day session, participants focus on the critical skills needed to lead and develop people, manage projects, build relationships, communicate effectively, and create exceptional experiences for clients and colleagues.

In addition to celebrating a new step in a colleague’s career, the program facilitates the mindset shift from an individual contributor to a valued member of a clearly differentiated group of renowned and respected Deloitte leaders.

– Cathy Leonard, program leader.

Through the TAP YLP program’s ‘Day in the Life’ sessions, teams work through a simulated client engagement with partner-level facilitators as coaches and Deloitte leaders playing the roles of staff, partners, and clients. This interactive experience provides an opportunity for participants to define their personal leadership style and deepen their understanding of what it means to belong to Deloitte’s worldwide network of best-in-class leaders.

In 2016, approximately 2,800 new managers attended one of four US offerings. Since 2012, approximately 11,000 new managers have participated. TAP YLP has also been adopted in other Deloitte member organizations, giving new managers around the world the chance to practice, share common experiences, network, and learn from others.  Through May 2017, over 45 YLP programs will be delivered in our local offices and at Deloitte University locations across the globe

Deloitte has been named by Chief Executive Magazine as 2015’s No. 1 Private Company for Leadership Development

Sixteen years on the Fortune lists for the “100 Best Companies to Work For”

Chief Learning Officer magazine’s Learning Elite program honors the best organizations for learning and development and we rank in the top 10

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