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Establishing excellence in thought leadership

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Establishing excellence in thought leadership

Deloitte Insights amplifies Deloitte’s brand to external audiences through quality standards for thought leadership.

When it comes to broadcasting our thought leadership knowledge externally, nothing but the highest quality standards will do. As the Deloitte publishing imprint, Deloitte Insights makes publication excellence possible by establishing clear quality standards that ensure our thought leadership contributes to Deloitte’s brand eminence.

“We’ve been extremely deliberate about building the processes, capabilities, standards, and infrastructure to make Deloitte Insights the destination for our best thinking,” said Jonathan Copulsky, national managing principal, Eminence Center of Excellence.

Deloitte Insights has become an invaluable asset on our journey to becoming the preeminent producer of thought leadership.

With a double-blind peer-review editorial process led by 30 PPMDs comprising the Editorial Review Board, Deloitte ensures external publications meet novelty, validity, and utility criteria. “The quality standards defined as part of the Deloitte Insights program help Deloitte ensure that our published material is consistent with, and builds on, the brand we project in the external marketplace,” said Jon Warshawsky, director, Deloitte Insights. These publications are also a way for Deloitte to bring its collective voice to bear, helping clients consider novel ways to solve business challenges and recognize and pursue opportunities.

In 2015, Deloitte Insights released more than 230 published mixed media pieces, and launched the Press Room audio podcast series, gaining a 74 percent increase in readership.

In 2016 Deloitte secured the number one ranking in Source for Consulting’s “White Space” report on thought leadership quality.

In FY15 we released more than 230 published mixed media pieces through Deloitte Insights, gaining a 74 percent increase in readership

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