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Fireside chat with Jen Steinmann and Mike Preston

How do you define work that matters at DU?

Mike: DU is a springboard that gives us the ability to visibly drive our efforts and make a difference in the work we do. It’s iconic in our marketplace to have the level of leadership and development culture that we do, and to have the capability, resources, and skill to do things differently and in ways that have the potential for extraordinary impact.

What role does DU play in Deloitte’s ability to go beyond business as usual to make an impact outside of client work?

Jen: I think we’re driven by an aspiration: We want to be the first choice for clients and people. That drives us to do many things. Our desire to be the undisputed leader, and our privilege to be able to share what we do with communities—with the same excellence as our client service—is extraordinary.

DU allows us to set our imaginations free. When people come to DU, they are joined by colleagues, clients, and communities on a national and international scale. It’s all there, not only for people to accomplish the intent of their visit, but for them to connect with one another, which is the secret sauce where you can create the unexpected.

Mike: As the world’s largest professional services organization, we have an obligation to make an impact beyond profit. Our people expect it, our partners expect it, and society expects it. I would add that DU creates a multiplier effect. People coming here from diverse backgrounds and different locations results in one-plus-one equaling more than two.

Can you describe one or two particularly impactful initiatives from 2015?

Mike: The success of our Veterans’ CORE program—and our ability to fulfill our commitment to hiring more veterans—has been extraordinary. Since we began the CORE Program, we’ve had impact in that space more than I anticipated— we’ve doubled our veteran hiring in two years, and now we have over 1,000 veterans working at Deloitte. I’m proud of this work and the way we’ve helped veterans look at their job skills, redefine their personal brands, and nail the interview process.

Jen: Initiatives like these are absolutely critical. Every year we re-commit to innovate new concepts for the programs we’ve established. The Wellness and Courageous Principals programs bring visibility to important issues and are on strategy with what we’re trying to do in developing our people. The result is a tremendous retention aspect and stickiness: People are so proud of what they can bring.

Mike: I want to put an exclamation point on how pride in our work helps retention. Part of people being engaged is believing that Deloitte has a higher purpose, and that DU is a magnet for that. Having a sense of purpose is important, but when it comes to engagement, the single biggest issue is well-being and people’s ability to feel like they can integrate life with work. DU is a physical hub for well-being and how we integrate wellness into our culture.

What excites you the about the future of DU in fulfilling its mission to do the work that really matters?

Mike: It’s the notion of transformation and what we’ll look like in the future: innovating, doing new and different things. DU will be in the middle of that evolution.

Jen: I love what Mike just said.

Mike Preston, chief talent officer, Deloitte US
Jennifer Steinmann, chief transformation officer, Deloitte US

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