Meet the USA Women's Rugby Team

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Meet the USA Women's Rugby Team

Deloitte is proud to sponsor the USA Women’s Rugby Team

Since the inception of a women's series competition in 2012, the USA Women’s Rugby Team has had something to prove. Even today, the team is witnessing dramatic changes, including an explosion in international competition opportunities. But to make an impact, they'll need to channel their energy into showing the world why women's rugby deserves respect—and why young women everywhere should be paying attention.

The sisterhood of the aspiring champs

Rugby Sevens has only recently caught on among female athletes, so the Women's Eagles Sevens Team wears two hats: They are pioneers seeking to establish the United States as a world powerhouse, and they are ambassadors introducing the sport to women across the country. This short video demonstrates how their commitment to teamwork, a culture of inclusivity, and determination have already set them apart.

USA Rugby Womens Eagles Sevens

About the USA Women’s Rugby Team

The USA Rugby Women's Eagles Sevens—the official women's sevens team of the United States—took the field after the International Rugby Board established the Women's Sevens Challenge Cup in 2011 and the Women's Sevens World Series in 2012. The sevens team did not wait long to prove their mettle on the international stage: The United States began hosting regular tournaments and quickly gained standing as one of the core teams on the women's international rugby sevens competition circuit.

Though many of the athletes on the current team got their start in other sports, such as soccer and hockey, they have come together to form a team to be reckoned with, taking silver in the 2015 Pan Am Games and gold at the 2015 NACRA Sevens Championships. More importantly, this year's team is thirsty, both to win competitions and to show the world—and the young girls looking to them as role models—the values that the sport embodies. In the video above, USA Women's Eagles Sevens teammates Kelly Griffin, Alev Kelter, and Kate Zackary share what makes their team a formidable opponent, and how they are changing the world of sport.

The courage and authenticity of these women is palpable even upon first meeting. Kate Zackary knows that her team is built upon a strong foundation:

Everyone's very determined to be the best they can be, but they're also very determined to make everyone around them the best they can be. Having that culture of inclusivity and having a common goal creates amazing bonds.

At Deloitte, inclusion leverages our unique strengths and invites authenticity to make us smarter and stronger. From the pitch to the client meeting, authenticity is the foundation of strong relationships. Deloitte is proud to be a sponsor of the USA Women's Eagles Sevens as they pioneer a place for women in rugby.

USA Rugby Womens Eagles Sevens huddle

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