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Undeniable impact on our talent brand

Message from Mike Preston, chief talent officer, Deloitte LLP

Deloitte University is front and center

Deloitte University (DU) enables development in every sense of the word for an undeniable impact on our talent brand. As we continue to grow, I know DU will be front and center in driving our leadership reputation and differentiating our organization, making us irresistible in the marketplace.

We’ve evolved in many ways in the last four years. We’ve advanced our program content, elevating our game when it comes to problem solving, transformation, recruiting, and community impact. And we’ve made significant, innovative strides in how we teach and how we use technology. We continue to deepen and extend how we develop leaders at work, in the community, on campus, and at home. At the individual level, we continue to excel at helping people develop professional and leadership excellence. We are now taking this work further to focus on mind, body, and purpose through an Empowered Well-being program that none of our competitors can offer.

When I think about our organization’s future growth, DU is at the core. I am energized by our potential to replicate the DU experience virtually and geographically, spreading the value of DU outside of our walls, and potentially growing our footprint along with our business. I know I speak for many when I say that DU is so much more than a physical place. It’s a tremendous brand differentiator and an integral part of who we are.

Mike Preston
Chief Talent Officer
Deloitte LLP

Mike Preston chief talent officer Deloitte LLP
Mike Preston, chief talent officer, Deloitte LLP

Deloitte University

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