The millennial majority is transforming your culture

Millennials are redesigning and redefining the way work gets done

​​​Millennials are disrupting the status quo, and many are seeking purpose-driven work in their organizations. A new report analyzing three years of data collected by Deloitte discovered that millennials want to be all in without sacrificing the flexibility to be who they are at work and live a fulfilling life outside of it. With their rising status as leaders combined with their work and development preferences, millennials are shifting the cultural norms for organizations today.​

Millennials are transforming the status quo

Many millennials are redefining the way we think about getting work done by prioritizing purpose-driven work. To blend work with purpose, they are seeking technology that enables innovation, collaboration, and flexibility. Some of our key findings include:

  • Purpose: While millennials believe the pursuit of profit is important, less than half say it should be the most important achievement of a business.
  • Technology: 80 percent of millennials agree that as technology develops further, work will become more fulfilling.
  • Skills alignment: Millennials are less likely than other generations to say they "have the opportunity to do what they do best" at work. Only 28 percent of millennials feel their organizations are making full use of their skills.
  • Innovation: Millennials indicate that they value learning innovative strategies and incorporating them into their work. However, 25 percent of millennials say the main barrier to innovation is the attitude of senior management.
  • Well-being: Millennials identified “flexible working conditions and work/life integration” as the No. 1 way organizations would have to change if they wish to improve retention.​

A true collaboration

This report was developed in collaboration with the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative (BJKLI), a nonprofit organization founded by Billie Jean King in partnership with Teneo as part of an effort to encourage companies, corporations, and individuals to embrace those with diverse personalities, backgrounds, and lifestyles for the positive and unique contributions they bring to the workforce. The BJKLI’s three pillars—Lift, Learn, and Lead—are dedicated to inspiring those in positions of power to promote diverse identities and challenge the status quo.

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