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Trustworthy AI: New book by Deloitte’s Beena Ammanath Provides a Straightforward, Pragmatic Guide to Help Organizations Develop and Implement Ethical AI Solutions

NEW YORK, Mar. 22, 2022 — A new book that launches today, “Trustworthy AI,” provides an actionable guide for C-suite executives, business leaders, and board members across all industries as the adoption of AI technology accelerates. Business leaders are faced with the challenge of ensuring their AI systems operate in ways that are fair, transparent, and consistent. Drawing from the latest research and case studies, “Trustworthy AI” provides the insight and direction necessary for organizations to foster trust across the entire AI lifecycle.

Authored by award-winning senior technology executive and executive director of the Deloitte AI Institute, Beena Ammanath, the book draws on the author’s extensive experience across a wide variety of industries and sectors in data, analytics, and AI. It approaches previously unanswered questions from business leaders regarding trustworthy AI and provides data-driven responses derived from Beena’s extensive research and groundbreaking case studies.

As explored in the book, AI ethics hinge on a variety of characteristics. Trustworthy AI is: fair and impartial; robust and reliable; respectful of privacy; safe and secure; responsible and accountable; and transparent and explainable. Given that each organization and AI use case is different, the approaches to nurturing trustworthy AI will also vary. The book provides businesses with a framework for understanding what trust and ethics means for their organization and helps executives better anticipate the challenges and opportunities AI will pose for their company.

In “Trustworthy AI,” readers can learn:

  • How to define and operationalize AI trust and ethics within their organization to maximize valuable outcomes
  • How to prioritize ethical practices in AI systems to accelerate technological innovation
  • Why businesses that champion the ethical use of AI in their organization can pave the way for future leading practices and industry standards

Learn more about “Trustworthy AI” and purchase the book on the website.

About the Author
Beena Ammanath is an award-winning senior executive with extensive global experience in AI and digital transformation, spanning across e-commerce, finance, marketing, telecom, retail, software products, services and industrial domains with companies such as GE, HPE, Thomson Reuters, British Telecom, Bank of America, e*trade and a number of Silicon Valley startups. She currently leads Deloitte AI Institute. Beena is also the Founder of non-profit, Humans For AI, an organization dedicated to increasing diversity in AI.

Beena also serves on the Board of and the Advisory Board at Cal Poly College of Engineering. She has been a Board Member and Advisor to several technology startups. Beena thrives on envisioning and architecting how data, artificial intelligence, and technology in general, can make our world a better, easier place to live for all humans.

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