Deloitte Digital launches new Digital platform for Government services

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Deloitte Digital launches new digital platform for government services

New York, March 17, 2016 — Deloitte Digital today announced the launch of CitizenConnectTM, a software platform that delivers a consistent government experience for citizens and businesses across digital channels. Using an improved digital experience, the new platform will provide enhanced government services for users, streamline government processes, and open up new economic development opportunities. The CitizenConnectTM platform combines Deloitte’s extensive public sector experience with Adobe’s innovative cloud solutions for Government–and signifies Deloitte Digital’s continued investment in its alliance with Adobe to enhance its portfolio of digital marketing services for customers.

The platform enables citizens to access multiple software applications that support government services in one place and minimize redundant data entry. For example, citizens can obtain a copy of their birth certificate or update a driver’s license all through one system without having to interact with multiple government agencies. With this centralized platform, citizens can experience a common look and feel even though individual government agencies still maintain their backend systems. This single gateway also enables government agencies to provide more effective customer relationship management.

Government’s current approach to self-service is often siloed along agency and service lines, which can result in an inconsistent and often frustrating experience for its citizens. said . This next-generation citizen engagement platform combines our extensive government experience with best-of-breed digital creativity from Adobe, allowing government entities to bring user-friendly, retail-like experiences to their citizens.

                         Kristin Russell, director at Deloitte Digital, Deloitte Consulting LLP

By leveraging Adobe’s FedRAMP-authorized cloud services along with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, and Adobe eSign Manager DC tools, government entities will be able to better manage content and messaging directly rather than relying upon third-party software and service providers. The platform enables government agencies to deliver personalized content to citizens in real time for specific life events–such as a move, a marriage, or a birth of a child–by using capabilities such as Web content management, electronic forms with e-signatures, Web-conferencing, e-learning, and document rights management. Rather than waiting for citizens to reactively access applications and information, government agencies can now proactively anticipate citizen needs and deliver relevant content anywhere, anytime, on any device.

“Moving to a citizen-focused platform opens the door for government to innovate how public services are delivered and to anticipate the needs of their communities, all while keeping citizen data protected,” said Barry Leffew, vice president, public sector at Adobe. “The ability for government to deliver engaging digital experiences that matter, using personalization, user-centric design, and analytics is revolutionary.”

CitizenConnectTM has several key features, including:

  • Built-in mobile access to provide citizens with on-the-go access to services
  • Intelligent search and wizards to help find specific information quickly and accurately
  • Content bidirectional feeds to downstream systems such as legacy applications
  • Notifications to proactively communicate new, relevant information to citizens
  • Smart triggers to suggest services based on information available about households
  • Federated application forms to help avoid downloading multiple, disparate applications to access government services

To learn more, visit the CitizenConnectTM website.

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