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New Deloitte Public Health Transformation Platform Built on Salesforce Helps State and Local Governments Modernize Public Health Infrastructure

AUSTIN, Texas, June 16, 2020 — Governments may face their most daunting challenge in decades in combating the spread of COVID-19 while simultaneously overseeing the recovery of public services and economic activity. Deloitte’s new suite of cloud-based solutions built on the Salesforce Platform can help leaders establish and deploy the strategy and capabilities they need to address the unique challenges facing their communities. Deloitte Digital, and the newly launched GovConnect platform, are helping organizations and governments accelerate a path forward through thought leadership, accelerators and assets that enable responsible re-entry to the workplace, powered by Salesforce — including Salesforce solutions.

GovConnect builds on a tested case management platform with modules implemented in more than 20 states. The new suite includes customer relationship management (CRM) and mobile capabilities as well as integration among employers, employees, visitors, contractors and campuses to support the revitalization and modernization of public health platforms.

“GovConnect allows officials to see a simplified view of their complex health ecosystem and deploy resources and capabilities accordingly to manage the public health crisis, help ensure the safety of public servants and enable communication with residents,” said Sanjay Shah, principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP's government and public services practice. “This process won’t be linear and public leaders need a data-informed, integrated approach to recovery and clear channels of communication with the public.”

GovConnect key features include:

Next generation disease surveillance and immunization registries streamline public health information-sharing, delivery and transformation of disease-tracking and management of immunization and vaccines.

CRM case management enables state and local governments, and public health organizations to collect information on contact tracing and conduct follow-up. It also allows users to self-report positive disease conditions and receive guidance. The system can be provided on the Salesforce Platform, and integrate with existing CRM, benefitting management and public health case management systems.

Contact tracing capabilities can be activated, and individuals participate on an opt-in basis, to create a network of information to trace contacts for employees, visitors and contractors. The solution also offers basic features for residents to receive treatment information and self-report.

An interactive business engagement platform enables effective engagement across government, businesses, and residents to support reopening and recovery.

Call center operations provide support for establishment, configuration and operations of a customer support center. This includes telephone support, contact tracing agents, chatbot and voice to text, and multi-language support.

The testing process optimization application enables state and local governments and public health organizations to identify potential improvements to end-to-end testing processes, test data integration and reporting, and assess technology system implications.

Advanced analytics solutions pair contact tracing and case management data with external data sources to provide deeper insights into where COVID-19 is spreading, where vulnerable populations are located, how to manage PPE inventory and how to deploy health resources to drive greater impact.

Mission support provides strategic and operational services to state and local public health agencies by augmenting core services, leveraging existing competencies, and identifying and building partnerships. Areas of support include project management and strategic planning; management of emergency funds; population health and social drivers of health; clinical and supply chain expertise, and multi-agency coordination and process mapping.

Reopening includes a set of solutions that help organizations open physical locations under CDC guidance and support the remote workforce. It supports workplace social distancing management, client scheduling and lobby experience, targeted workforce pulsing and communications, with residents and businesses and virtual appointments.

"Now, more than ever, it's critical that state and local governments have a technology platform that allows them to manage the recovery process while also helping enable their employees to get safely back to work," said Dave Rey, president, public sector business at Salesforce. “The solution can be configured and customized to meet state and local government’s specific requirements and provides an open platform for integrating with existing public health assets.”

“Managing the disease is not only key to saving lives, it is key to restoring customer and business confidence that will drive economic recovery,” said Lindsay Hough, principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s government and public services practice. “The platform provides critical tools and accelerators in this fight and builds a more agile, resilient public health platform to support the long-term health of our communities.”

GovConnect includes management dashboards that help government leaders and public health officials balance safety, privacy, business and socioeconomic imperatives. It provides flexibility and accelerates implementation in supporting these critical initiatives.

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