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Deloitte Leads the Way in Mobile-Friendly Tax Technology

Tax technology spotlight: T4WOTC offers robust and intuitive dashboard with real-time access to engagement and performance metrics.

NEW YORK, March 29, 2019 — Deloitte continues to focus on building a seamless global tax experience for its clients, anchored by its suite of advanced tax technology tools to help clients successfully meet the challenges of a complex tax landscape. As tax departments face increasing pressure to harness data from multiple sources in real time, it’s critical that they have the tools they need to meet—and exceed—those expectations to drive long-term success, profitability, and compliance.

Through its ‘Tax in 2020’ initiative, Deloitte launched an integrated program that includes innovative technology investments and the ability to empower clients to address these challenges with confidence. The user experience is a key differentiator for these technology solutions, and one that Deloitte is keenly focused on delivering as part of its ongoing commitment to support the evolving tax department in the digital age.

Deloitte’s updated Technology for Work Opportunity Tax Credit (T4WOTC™) software tool exemplifies how Deloitte is creating increased value by providing technology-enabled services and delivering a tailored and enhanced user experience that meets clients where they are today. The new tool gives clients unprecedented real-time access to information they need to claim employment-related tax credits and incentives efficiently. The tool expedites and simplifies the process of identifying qualified employees, computing accurate credit amounts, and meeting regulatory deadlines. Most importantly, T4WOTC™ is mobile-friendly, providing clients the ability to access the tool from their mobile phones and tablets.

“Clients have always appreciated our user-friendly dashboard and modern design, but the updated version takes it to another level," said Marcus Panasewicz, managing director and leader of the Multistate Employment Incentives group at Deloitte Tax LLP. “Our platform significantly reduces the time and effort needed to obtain the tax credit and comply with all regulatory requirements. Taking the platform mobile creates more value because it gives our clients access to important engagement information anywhere, anytime, in order to meet the quick timeframes required under the WOTC regulations.”

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), a federal tax credit designed to encourage businesses to hire individuals from certain targeted groups, is utilized by many of the largest employers in the US. State workforce agencies issued nearly 2.5 million WOTC certifications in 2016 alone, according to the Department of Labor.

“The pace of digitization, the proliferation of data, and the complex regulatory landscape will continue to transform the way our clients do business,” said Chuck Kosal, chief transformation officer at Deloitte Tax LLP. “That is why we are continuing to make bold technology and innovation investments—including targeted enhancements to market-leading tools such as T4WOTC™—focused on helping our clients generate value for their organizations through a superior user experience.”

Deloitte's unprecedented investment in digital transformation is the centerpiece of ‘Tax in 2020’, a three-year initiative that Deloitte launched in January 2019. Deloitte will continue to spotlight technology innovations that are helping tax professionals adapt to accelerating globalization; increased regulatory and business complexities; and other transformational changes in the tax landscape.

About Tax in 2020
Deloitte’s “Tax in 2020” initiative is a three-year digital transformation plan launched in 2018. The plan is anchored by its unprecedented investment in building a seamless global tax experience for Deloitte’s clients. Tax in 2020 is focused on reimagining how clients navigate the increasing change and complexity in the tax profession.

About Deloitte Tax LLP
Named 2018 Americas Tax Technology Firm of the Year by International Tax Review, Deloitte Tax helps clients lead the transformation of the tax function at a company that supports growth and sustained profitability within an organization. With deep experience across a broad range of services and industries, Deloitte Tax has more than 11,000 trusted advisors who combine their knowledge of tax technical resources and technology to uncover insights and smarter solutions for clients in today’s complex global and regulatory environment. For more information visit http://www.deloitte.com/us/tax. Join us on twitter @DeloitteTax.

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