The Salesforce ecosystem is expected to grow dramatically in the coming years. Deloitte collaborated with the customer relations leader on a workforce development initiative that offers new opportunities to those affected by COVID-19’s economic impacts.

COVID-19 has upended daily life for millions. Jobs have been lost, careers interrupted, educational hopes dashed, and dreams delayed. Among those most affected are frontline workers with minimum-wage jobs, many of whom are people of color, as well as women and veterans who are struggling to balance raising a family with a career.2 In addition, there are professionals in transition who are looking to reach the next rung of success. Here’s one story of how Salesforce and Deloitte teamed up to make an impact that matters.

Salesforce, the world’s largest provider of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and Deloitte have helped to bring practical answers to those grappling with the real-life disruptions caused by COVID-19. The Salesforce Pathfinder Program, an idea first proposed by Deloitte to Salesforce and launched more than three years ago, is a workforce development initiative designed to provide individuals with the technical and business skills necessary to pursue a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. During the pandemic, Pathfinder shifted from in-person to virtual training and continues to support participants along their journeys, with a robust curriculum of more than 100 hours of online training, as well as virtual bootcamp-style live training. After passing the appropriate certification exam, graduates will be qualified for various jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem, armed with a Salesforce administrator certification and an additional Salesforce certification of either Developer, Marketing Cloud, or Tableau.

Pathfinder works hand in hand with local community colleges, workforce development nonprofits, and military and veterans’ organizations to identify top candidates. In turn, the curriculum and part-time approach to learning provide maximum flexibility for those dealing with the complexities of real life—both personal and professional.

The technical training is conducted on Trailhead, a series of online tutorials for beginner and intermediate developers learning to code for the Salesforce platform, and enables learning on demand, learning on the go, and learning from experts. Deloitte contributes to these efforts with customized online and in-person business skills training, including effective communication, preparing for the job search, and Business Chemistry®, a framework that helps people build strong workplace relationships.

By 2024, there will be 4.2 million job openings in the Salesforce ecosystem.1 Pathfinder is helping those whose careers have been affected by COVID-19 have a chance to fill them.

Through the Pathfinder Program, Salesforce and Deloitte are helping people in need of support return to the workforce or upscale their skills. And the workforce development initiative’s statistics indicate the impact in human terms: 67% of Pathfinders come from underrepresented groups in tech, 59% do not have a college degree, and 13% are veterans.

IDC, a leading global market intelligence firm, expects that, by 2024, there will be 4.2 million job openings in the Salesforce ecosystem.3 Through the Pathfinder Training Program, Salesforce and Deloitte are working to help those whose lives and careers have been most affected by COVID-19 gain new hope with new career opportunities.

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