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U.S. Speedskating fosters a love of speed from pond to podium

Deloitte is proud to sponsor U.S. Speedskating

​Speedskating is not for the faint of heart. Driven by a hunger to be the fastest in the world, today's top speedskaters fly across the ice at more than 40 miles per hour. The U.S. Speedskating Team moves as one, demonstrating integrity and discipline as they train to be quick on the ice.

About U.S. Speedskating

​We race bicycles, cars, and on foot—why not on skates? The first known speedskating competition was held as early as 1676 in the Netherlands, which was also the location of the first Speedskating World Championships two centuries later, in 1889. Today's elite speedskaters can top speeds of 40 miles per hour as they rip across the ice. 

Modern speedskaters compete on two sizes of track. Long-track speedskating is contested on a 400-meter oval that is the same size as a running track. Short-track speedskating is contested on a smaller, 111-meter track the size of a hockey rink; in fact, short track was introduced in Canada and the United States around 1905, when a dearth of 400-meter long tracks led competitive skaters to practice on standard ice hockey rinks.

Deloitte is a proud sponsor of U.S. Speedskating—an organization that advocates for the sport from nurturing young athletes to representing the United States at competitions throughout the year and all over the world. Whether the athletes are in high competition season or pushing through off-season training, each is focused on reaching their maximum potential and embodying the values of U.S. Speedskating: unity, integrity, discipline, determination, character, and self-efficacy. This announcement builds on Deloitte’s purpose of making an impact that matters by sponsoring America's leading athletes, teams, and organizations. Since 2013, through thick and thin, Deloitte has been committed to supporting U.S. Speedskating throughout their journey.

Brittany Bowe

3x World Champion
Long Track Speedskating

Watch the video | Do you know what it takes to skate?

Fostering a love of speed from pond to podium

Shani Davis, 8x World Champion Speedskater

A competitive skater since age six, speedskater Shani Davis reflects on what speedskating has taught him:

I learned at a very young age that talent was a good thing to have, but if you want to reach the next level you have to accompany your talent with a strong, unwavering work ethic. Those values are the same ones I live by today and I'm thankful to have learned them sooner rather than later.

US Olympic Speedskater Shani Davis

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