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Collaborating for widespread community impact

The Bush Institute

Collaborating for widespread community impact

Working with the Bush Institute multiplies the impact of Deloitte University's (DU) principal leadership development efforts.

When high school principals become more effective leaders, they motivate teachers, produce graduates who positively contribute to society, and transform their communities. This powerful truth is the driving force behind DU’s Courageous Principals and the foundation for a strategic partnership with the Bush Institute. Enabling both organizations to expand their reach, engage similar-minded groups and pinpoint ways to enable broad impact to this under-recognized group of influencers.

“This partnership is based on idea-sharing, cross-networking, and mutually benefiting from our cumulative brand equity to reinforce our shared focus on principals,” said Kelly Miksa, program lead. A recent Greenhouse lab identified two key areas of potential collaboration: amplify national awareness of the importance of school principals and drive synergies in the educational leadership space.

One initiative underway is a survey designed to reveal what principals actually do. The survey gives DU an opportunity to communicate the value of Courageous Principals and to articulate why Deloitte is keenly interested in these individuals as leaders.

This initiative will validate the importance of our principal development work, but we also want to capture media attention around the issue at large, turning up the volume on what should be a national dialogue.

– Kelly Miksa, program lead

The Bush Institute has also invited DU to participate in an expert advisory group comprised of non-profit educational leaders, school district leaders, and organizations with a principal development focus. The advisory group will design a comprehensive framework for principal talent management that can be widely shared with districts.

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