Deloitte and Chronicled Alliance

Delivering next generation solutions in blockchain for life sciences

The Deloitte-Chronicled alliance brings together Deloitte’s knowledge of business needs in the life sciences industry with Chronicled’s technical expertise in blockchain to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients that address some of the most pressing challenges around data interoperability, security, and efficiency.

Deloitte and Chronicled

The Deloitte and Chronicled alliance aims to use blockchain technology to address key issues in the pharmaceutical ecosystem. Deloitte brings leading capabilities in strategy, analytics, and technology as well as extensive experience working with many facets of the life sciences industry. Chronicled, a blockchain provider based out of San Francisco, is the creator of the MediLedger Project, a network that provides a customizable and decentralized solution for revenue management, supply chain management, and regulatory compliance.

MediLedger Project was originally started 2017 to explore if blockchain could provide advantageous solutions as the DSCSA regulation required increasing interoperability and transparency in industry. From that work, Chronicled offers a variety of solutions to run on the blockchain network that can help companies comply with the regulations in place, and more:

  • Product Verification System (PVS) for Saleable Returns
    A blockchain consortium that combines a Look-Up Directory that points to a product’s GTIN ID accessed securely through a blockchain with a permissioned messaging network that allows wholesalers and manufacturers to address or initiate product identifier verification requests as a product gets resold. This solution successfully went live in October 2019.
  • Contracting and Chargebacks
    A single source of truth for contracting data exchange based on real-time process execution between pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers. This blockchain solution protocol can upgrade, or potentially eliminate, EDI 844, 845 and 849, while improving data accuracy and process efficiencies.

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Managing Director, Chronicled Alliance Leader | Deloitte Consulting LLP