Deloitte Content Management Solution for Oil & Gas Companies

Increasing efficiency and reducing risk through better control of information

After years of working with leaders at many of the world’s most respected and well-known energy companies, we have designed a solution that targets some of the most common and difficult information management challenges.

Addressing the needs of both downstream and upstream activities

For oil and gas companies, maintaining and accessing accurate and up-to-date content, such as technical documentation, is critical for ongoing operational effectiveness and risk mitigation. For example, engineering and operations need quick access to the latest documentation for plant, facilities, and equipment so that they can do their jobs efficiently. At the same time, environmental and safety regulations specify the need for processes and systems that protect and control this documentation.

​How we can help

The Deloitte Content Management Solution for oil and gas Companies brings a systematic approach that helps streamline the management of content, such as technical documents, and incorporates leading practices and governance processes to enhance efficiency and remedy common sources of risk.

Download this PDF to learn how we can help address content management needs of oil & gas companies