Deloitte Digital enCore


Deloitte Digital enCore

Reimagine your core systems as user-driven digital services

Deloitte Digital enCore’s vision centers on giving users easy access to the information they need to do their jobs. Our goal is to improve user experience and improve core business processes by better aligning information to both business and user needs. This means taking full advantage of digital content and data and making it available to users within the context of their daily work routines. Our user-driven approach can unlock the value of your digital information while protecting the investments you have in your existing core systems.

You really can have it your way

It used to be that core systems dictated how work got done—on the system’s terms, not the user’s. There’s been a shift, though, and Deloitte is leading the charge to help companies create user-driven business processes, aligning current business workflow and IT systems with how users work, the devices they use, and the content they need. Processes, reports, and screens are designed around how individuals actually might and could do their jobs, empowered by digital technologies.

A user-driven approach

We’ll help you deliver engaging content that makes users more productive and connected to their work. We start by finding out what users want and how they want it delivered. We study how they perform their daily tasks and get a deep understanding of their needs, then we design user-driven business processes that deliver the right information in the right ways and at the right time. And we do it within the context of proper governance and controls while using the appropriate technologies and delivery channels.

Not just another integrator

When it comes to understanding Deloitte’s value, you don’t have to just take our word for it. As the recipient of many industry awards, including the Global OpenText System Integrator of the Year award every year since 2010, we have a track record that speaks to our ability to deliver. We bring the right combination of technology skills and business experience to help you succeed. While Deloitte practitioners bring deep technical know-how, it’s our ability to remain focused on business drivers that has won us many industry accolades and wide recognition.