Deloitte and BMC Alliance

Transforming IT into efficient business engines

The Deloitte and BMC alliance brings focus and clarity to IT Service Management (ITSM), offering the experience and tools you need to successfully implement IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) principles and align your IT assets, activities, and decisions with business priorities.

About our alliance

The transition from a technology-focused operation to one that runs based on a portfolio of services requires a sharp focus on business-driven IT strategy, organizational capabilities and planning and delivery processes—not to mention all the technologies at work behind the scenes. We help companies prioritize and refine their IT services so that the required IT services are delivered and the services architecture is in place to meet business needs.

Deloitte and BMC both bring deep experience with ITIL principles as well as years of helping organizations improve their IT management procedures. Our alliance combines Deloitte's portfolio of services for ITSM strategy and implementation with BMC's leading IT service management software.

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Deep experience in ITSM

Many IT organizations are facing increased scrutiny over ROI as well as pressure to deliver IT services that help improve bottom-line earnings. ITSM can provide an opportunity to transform IT resources into business-focused services that not only help improve IT efficiency, but also better support business needs.

Deloitte has been helping clients improve IT service management disciplines for nearly two decades and has developed a robust service offering based on the experience gained from thousands of client projects. Our practitioners have deep experience in service management, including an understanding of how to implement leading practices such as those defined in the ITIL framework and how to take advantage of BMC software tools.