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Deloitte and HP alliance

Reinventing manufacturing

Deloitte Consulting LLP and HP Inc. are joining forces in an alliance to bring Industry 4.0 to life by accelerating the adoption of 3D printing in enterprises around the world. The Deloitte and HP Alliance helps accelerate your enterprise operations and drive end-to-end value through additive manufacturing.

We're going big with this one

The alliance will focus on large enterprises that are embracing the digital reinvention of their product design, manufacturing, and supply chain processes through the large-scale adoption of HP's 3D printing systems. HP has created breakthrough 3D printing technology, an open materials platform, and is already working with some of the biggest brands in the world to implement its 3D printing solutions. Deloitte brings experience in developing additive manufacturing solutions across industries and leverages its digital experience to drive large-scale additive manufacturing transformations. Together, we are helping to transform businesses and the industries they comprise.

We are the spark

If Industry 4.0 is the fuse to your enterprise's revolution, we are the spark that ignites it. 3D printing technology is in a prime position to be game changing for your business. And that's precisely what our alliance is looking to accomplish—digital transformations across product strategy, supply chain operations, and customer engagement—all enabled by 3D printing. Deloitte and HP are anchored at the center of a growing digital manufacturing ecosystem with the potential to revolutionize the way your company operates. We tailor end-to-end additive manufacturing capabilities that power enterprise-wide digital transformations and create even more collaborative opportunities for IoT and other digital integrations throughout the enterprise.

gold spark

The 3D printing revolution is here

3D printing is now a viable alternative to traditional methods of manufacturing and it is shifting the paradigm for company operations, product portfolios, and business models. Industry leaders are transforming operations to keep up with the new market realities. The 3D printing revolution is here. Who’s handling your transformation?

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To learn more about this alliance, read Deloitte's global press release at
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Let's talk

Vinod Devan, HP alliance leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Doug Gish, 3D printing practice leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Mark McGarry, business development manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Erin Lynch, alliance marketing manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Meet our team

Vinod Devan

Vinod Devan

Principal | Monitor Deloitte

Vinod is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and leads the Product and R&D Strategy practice for the Technology sector. His global advisory experience spans companies across the hi-tech ecosystem... More

Doug Gish

Doug Gish

Principal | Strategy & Operations

Doug leads Deloitte Consulting LLP's Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations service line and serves as the lead consulting principal for a large, global equipment manufacturer. He has more than 26 ... More