2015 Electronic Discovery Symposium for Government Agencies

Brainstorming activity results

When Deloitte Discovery started hosting the Electronic Discovery Symposium for Government Agencies eight years ago, one of the goals was to bring together government attorneys, records managers, and information technology professionals in an environment that allowed them to share ideas, challenges, and solutions with each other. During the brainstorming activity portion of this year's event, attendees were divided into groups and asked to respond to and discuss to questions; the results of this activity can be found below.

2015 brainstorming activity results

Challenges faced and how government agents moved forward

The following two questions were posed to the attendees asked them to discuss the challenges they anticipated facing during the next year and how they had been able to move past challenges during the previous year.

  • What is the biggest challenge that you/your team faces that can be changed within the next year? And what would that change be?
  • What one thing has moved your or your team forward the most this year with regards to eDiscovery/FOIA requests and responses?

While some attendees claimed “we really have a problem with…,” others were able to respond with “we had a similar issue and this is how we overcame it and have started making some progress…” These contrary forces are reflected in the included infographic. The very trials in staffing, training, technology, and other related areas that are challenging some agencies are precisely the areas that other teams have attacked and believe are where they have made the most advances.

2015 Electronic Discovery Symposium for Government Agencies brainstorming activity results

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