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Shelley Pfaendler
Forensics & Investigations, M&A, and Regulatory and Compliance
+1 212 492 4484

Lauren Hallman
Cyber Risk Services, Strategic Risk Services
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Cyber Risk Services

Our Secure.Vigilant.Resilient. approach helps you get ahead of cyber risk so your business can keep moving forward. Explore our insights and service.

Seven enterprise technology trends for 2017
January 3, 2017
CIO Dive featuring Adnan Amjad, Cyber Risk Services

Buying cyber security: A CyberWire special edition
December 30, 2016
The CyberWire featuring Emily Mossburg, Cyber Risk Services

Where the industrial IoT vulnerabilities lurk in your plant
December 23, 2016
TechTarget featuring Sean Peasley, Cyber Risk Services

The CyberWire daily podcast 12.22.16
December 22, 2016
The CyberWire featuring Adnan Amjad, Cyber Risk Services

Here are the biggest IoT security threats facing the enterprise in 2017
December 21, 2016
Tech Republic featuring Adnan Amjad, Cyber Risk Services

Cybersecurity concerns won’t slow in 2017
December 13, 2016
Bloomberg featuring Deborah Golden, Cyber Risk Services

Connected devices and industrial control systems expose manufacturers to cyber threats
November 23, 2016
Supply Chain Management Review featuring Trina Huelsman and Sean Peasley, Cyber Risk Services

Doctors, lawyers facing cybersecurity crossroad
November 18, 2016
Security Info Watch featuring Mark Ford, Cyber Risk Services

Connected devices, industrial control systems expose manufacturers to cyber threats
November 17, 2016
Advanced Manufacturing featuring Trina Huelsman and Sean Peasley, Cyber Risk Services

Intellectual property breaches often carry hidden business costs
November 16, 2016
Third Certainty featuring Adnan Amjad and Don Fancher, Cyber Risk Services

Manufacturing's IoT adoption opens up big security holes
November 15, 2016
Information Security featuring Sean Peasley, Cyber Risk Services

On cyber risk, regulators and financial institutions find some common ground
October 2, 2016
S&P Global featuring Andrew Morrison, Cyber Risk Services

IP cyberattacks expected to rise
October 27, 2016
CFO featuring Adnan Amjad and Don Fancher, Cyber Risk Services, Forensics & Investigations

Growing fear of IP theft hits power, auto, industrial sectors hardest
October 25, 2016
Dark Reading featuring Adnan Amjad, Cyber Risk Services, Forensics & Investigations

What is the full impact of a healthcare cybersecurity attack?
October 21, 2016
Health IT Security featuring John Gelinne, Cyber Risk Services, Valuation

Why seemingly infallible file-sharing apps go dark, and what is being done to stop it
October 19, 2016
Forbes featuring Jeff Margolies, Cyber Risk Services

It's all about the money
October 2, 2016
The Cipher Brief featuring Keith Brogan and Scott Keoseyan, Cyber Risk Services

Data protection from the inside out
August 8, 2016
Dark Reading featuring Dan Frank, Cyber Risk Services

Deloitte expands cyber managed services
July 29, 2016
Computer Business Review featuring Adnan Amjad, Cyber Risk Services

How to attract a board-level cybersecurity expert
July 28, 2016
CSO featuring Mary Galligan, Cyber Risk Services

Five reasons you can't ignore this new rise in cyber crime
July 28, 2016
Inc. featuring Emily Mossburg, Cyber Risk Services

Election 2016 and cybersecurity
July 25, 2016
CNBC Squawk on the Street featuring Emily Mossburg, Cyber Risk Services

Cray partners with Deloitte on assessing risks of cyber attacks
July 20, 2016
Seattle Times featuring Gordon Hannah, Cyber Risk Services

Special Edition: Quantifying cyber risk
July 19, 2016
The CyberWire featuring Emily Mossburg, Cyber Risk Services

Cyber attacks carry hidden business impacts and costs
June 29, 2016
Third Certainty featuring Emily Mossburg, Cyber Risk Services

Necurs botnet is back, updated with smarter locky variant
June 24, 2016
Threat Post featuring Cyber Risk Services

Breach aftermath planning: Focus on saving your business
June 20, 2016
Bank Info Security featuring Emily Mossburg, Cyber Risk Services

Cyber attacks: Hidden costs
June 16, 2016
CNBC featuring Emily Mossburg, Cyber Risk Services

Average cost of data breaches rises past $4 Million, Ponemon says
June 15, 2016
Dark Reading featuring Emily Mossburg, Cyber Risk Services

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cyber risk, advisory


Conquering the complexity of compliance
January 13, 2017
Corporate Compliance Insights featuring Tom Haberman and Adam Berman, Assurance

How to comply with new human rights rules
November 22, 2016
CFO featuring Kristen Sullivan, Assurance

Major valuation governance changes on the decline
September 29, 2016
Fund Directions featuring Rajan Chari, Assurance, Valuation

Troubled banks and Harvard's Challenges
September 29, 2016
Bloomberg News, Assurance, Valuation

Valuation practices under SEC scrutiny
September 26, 2016
Compliance Week featuring Paul Kraft, Assurance, Valuation

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Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

We help clients develop appropriate growth strategies based on their goals, so they'll be prepared to capitalize on opportunities during the merger, acquisition, or divestiture process.

Donald Trump and the dealmaking outlook for 2017
December 8, 2016
The Street featuring Russell Thomson, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Does M&A bear fruit?
November 7, 2016
Corporate Board Member featuring Brian Boufarah, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Permian basin remains attractive for oil & gas M&A, says Deloitte's Ray Ballotta
October 19, 2016
Mergers & Acquisitions featuring Raymond Ballotta, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

No, Virginia, the M&A market has not gone into a death spiral
October 14, 2016
The Street featuring Russell Thomson, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

The Brexit recession no longer looks so certain
July 22, 2016 features Andrew Wilson

Maintaining M&A momentum in 2016: A Q&A with Deloitte’s Russell Thomson
June 6, 2016
FEI Daily features Russell Thomson, US M&A Services leader

Will 2016 be another year of unlocking deals?
May 5, 2016
Bloomberg TV features Russell Thomson, US M&A Services leader

Despite M&A’s slow start in 2016, survey shows executives see pick up this year
May 5, 2016 features Russell Thomson, US M&A Services leader

As Silicon Valley grows, so do concerns about region's earnings and sales
April 23, 2016
San Jose Mercury News featuring Adam Reilly

Deloitte Advisory principal gives behind the scenes glimpse into energy M&A
February 23, 2016
SNL featuring Chris Ruggeri

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Mergers and Acquisitions, advisory

Regulatory & Compliance

Deloitte Advisory’s Regulatory & Compliance team is here to help you anticipate your current and future regulatory risk exposure, preserve organizational value by developing reliable compliance programs, and respond to regulatory and compliance risk events that face your organization.

The OCC sets out a cogent derisking framework
November 15, 2016
Bloomberg BNA, Banking Daily featuring Robert Axelrod, Regulatory & Compliance

Presuming the basics: New York's anti-money laundering rule
October 5, 2016
Bloomberg BNA featuring Robert Axelrod, Regulatory & Compliance

Harnessing the power of the crowd
September 26, 2016
Risk & Insurance featuring John Lucker, Regulatory & Compliance

US Treasury expands hunt for money laundering in real estate
July 27, 2016
Reuters featuring Josh Hanna, Anti-money laundering

Holy MACRA! Half of docs have never heard of Medicare payment reform
July 14, 2016
Modern Healthcare featuring Anne Phelps, Center for Regulatory Strategies

Trigger-happy leaders can’t find sanctions off-switch
July 3, 2016
Politico Europe featuring Fred Curry, Anti-money laundering leader

Brexit raises stakes for foreign banks on fed’s stress tests
June 28, 2016
Bloomberg News featuring David Wright, Center for Regulatory Strategy

Questioning overseas oversight, insurance regulators in US wary of IAIS trumping states
May 23, 2016
Business Insurance featuring Howard Mills, Global Insurance Regulatory leader

Why compliance officers are celebrating a FinCEN enforcement action
April 28, 2016
American Banker featuring Robert Axelrod, Anti-money laudnering

Brokers upended by Obama's tough rules for retirement advice
April 6, 2016
Bloomberg featuring Julia Kirby

Risk management for all hands
March 23, 2016
Banking Exchange featuring Christopher Spoth, Center for Regulatory Strategies

Which red flags are bank watch dogs raising?
March 4, 2016
Commercial Property Executive featuring Steven Bandolik and Chris Spoth, Center for Regulatory Strategies

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Regulatory & Compliance, advisory

Accounting & Reporting Transformation

Five best practices for intercompany accounting
December 1, 2016
Journal of Accountancy featuring Kyle Cheney, Accounting & Reporting Transformation

Lease accounting – Lessors, are you prepared?
November 23, 2016
Equipment Finance Advisor featuring Sean Torr and James Barker, Accounting & Reporting Transformation

Spotlight Ttrained on Intercompany Accounting
August 31, 2016
CFO featuring Tom Toppen, Accounting & Reporting Transformation

Wall Street prepares for IPO resurgence
August 17, 2016
CNBC featuring Sandra Pfeffer, Accounting & Reporting Transformation

Effective interco accounting frameworks elusive
August 25, 2016
iTreasurer featuring Kyle Cheney, Melissa Cameron and Prashant Tekriwal, Accounting & Reporting Transformation

Five biggest challenges controllers face—and how to take control: Make smart plans to address the obstacles of a data-driven age
August 15, 2016
Journal of Accountancy featuring Beth Kaplan, Accounting & Reporting Transformation

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Forensics & Investigations

The Deloitte Forensics & Investigations team advises clients on ways to mitigate their reputational exposure to global corruption, financial crime, enterprise fraud, cybercrime, supply chain breakdowns, and other vulnerabilities.

The benefits of e-discovery specialization
November 17, 2016
InsideCounsel featuring Mark Michels, Forensics & Investigations

IP cyberattacks expected to rise
October 27, 2016
CFO featuring Adnan Amjad and Don Fancher, Forensics & Investigations

Despite expected rise in regulatory scrutiny, few are prepared to manage product safety crises
October 6, 2016
Supply Chain Management Review, Derek Snaidauf, Forensics & Investigations, and Don Mays, Finance & Operations

Four ways to ensure anti-corruption programmes are up-to-date
September 13, 2016
CGMA magazine featuring Christopher Georgiou, Forensics & Investigations

Panama papers leak spurs worries among execs
August 26, 2016
Accounting Today featuring Forensics & Investigations

Deloitte launches audio assistant
July 18, 2016
Speech Technology magazine featuring Steven Nygard, Deloitte Discovery

Snapchat, WhatsApp and Surveillance
June 30, 2016 featuring Sean RileyTerry Bock, and Paul Yackinous, Deloitte Discovery

FCPA expands its global reach
May 26, 2016
Corporate Board Member featuring Matthew Queler and Kevin Corbett, Investigations

This is the biggest change to hit start-up investing in years
May 16, 2016 featuring Michael Brodksy, Investigations

Justice Department reinforces carrot-and-stick approach to FCPA
April 7, 2016
Corporate Secretary featuring Matthew Queler, Investigations

Supply Chain Fraud levels unchanged for third consecutive year
April 6, 2016
Supply Chain Management Review featuring Mark Pearson and Larry Kivett, Investigations

Supply Chain Anti-Fraud measures lacking
April 5, 2016
CFO featuring Mark Pearson and Larry Kivett, Investigations

Social Media Analysis for Investigations and Trials
February 1, 2016
Today’s General Counsel featuring Wendy Schmidt and Kim Scarlett, Business Intelligence

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Forensics & Investigations, advisory

Strategic Risk Services

Deloitte’s risk, governance and crisis specialists provide consultative and managed services, as well as one-day interactive labs, to help C-Suite executives, boards and decision-makers identify, assess, manage, and respond to strategic risks and critical events.

Reslient, Episode 6: Jackie Hourigan Rice on creating a smart risk culture
December 13, 2016
Corporate Compliance Insights featuring Michael Kearney, Strategic Risk Services

Becoming a resilient leader
June 8, 2016
Marginalia featuring Michael Kearney, Strategic Risk Services

Rethinking risk leadership
May 19, 2016
Corporate Secretary featuring Andrew Blau, Strategic Risk Services

Engaging and informing employees during a crisis
March 23, 2016
Financial Executive featuring Kathie Schwerdtfeger, Strategic Risk Services

Boards rely on accountants for help with a crisis
March 7, 2016
Accounting Today featuring Rhoda Woo, Strategic Risk Services

OMB prepares to ratchet up Enterprise Risk Management
February 29, 2016
Government Executive featuring Todd Grams, Strategic Risk Services

A new angle on crisis management
January 26, 2016
Corporate Secretary featuring Rhoda Woo, Strategic Risk Services

How to include employees in crisis management
January 19, 2016
Continuity Central featuring Rhoda Woo, Strategic Risk Services

When facing a crisis, don't overlook employee assistance
January 19, 2016
HR Dive featuring Rhoda Woo, Strategic Risk Services

Eight-step data breach plan for the IT organization
January 14, 2016
TechTarget featuring Damian Walch, Strategic Risk Services

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strategic risk, advisory

As used in this document, “Deloitte Advisory” means Deloitte & Touche LLP, which provides audit and enterprise risk services; Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, which provides forensic, dispute, and other consulting services; and its affiliate, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP, which provides a wide range of advisory and analytics services. Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP is not a certified public accounting firm. These entities are separate subsidiaries of Deloitte LLP. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting.

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