Mapping out operational resiliency

Learn how we helped a large bank strengthen the operational resiliency of its critical business services.

The challenge

A US-based financial services organization came to us to develop value-stream maps and identify key dependencies for eleven of its critical services before the end of 2020—giving us only twelve weeks to get the job done.

Like many large banking organizations, our client has a regulatory obligation to demonstrate the operational resiliency of its critical business services. Failure to complete this project on time could have created negative impacts with clients and key stakeholders within the organization while also potentially leading to regulatory penalties and fines.

The approach

Because we had a lot to accomplish in a short period of time, it was important that we had the ability to work on those critical business services simultaneously.

To help accelerate the project, we leveraged industry-specific value stream maps. Those, coupled with the client’s product catalog, enabled us to formulate a solid first draft of the value stream for each critical business service, which greatly facilitated the initial conversations with its business subject-matter specialists.

The outcome

Once this project is complete, our client will be better prepared to respond when incidents occur that affect its critical business services. And it can be better positioned to respond to regulatory and client inquiries.

To date, we’ve helped this client develop a common taxonomy for understanding its critical business services and interdependencies across 64 core processes and 193 corresponding subprocesses. The organization now has an enterprise-wide view of the 400+ subprocess dependencies and 350+ application dependencies to efficiently evaluate the impact of a potential incident.

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