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Resilient podcast: How businesses can confront the COVID-19 crisis

Actionable insights to help businesses respond and recover

In this special edition Resilient series, we shift our focus to the evolving COVID-19 crisis. From supply chain disruptions and economic scenarios to remote working challenges and crisis response strategies, these episodes feature actionable insights from leaders to help you think through what to do now—and next.

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Doing deals in a COVID world

Doing deals won’t stop—even during this pandemic. And as organizations try to reshape their business, raise capital, and drive competitive advantage, deals will remain an important part of the recovery equation. But how are companies approaching deals differently in today’s environment? In this episode, we talk with two Deloitte partners from our M&A Transaction Services practice, Dave Oberst and Jeff Bergner, to better understand how the deal market has shifted in recent months. They explore some of the new complexities organizations are facing today, considerations for deal valuations, and how the current situation could impact traditional M&A timelines. In the face of increased expectations for improving returns and volatile financial performance, Dave and Jeff share insights on how leaders can confidently execute strategic transactions.

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Doing deals in a COVID world

Critical infrastructure at risk: Creating a secure and resilient world

Securing and building resilience into the US critical infrastructure is essential to protecting our nation’s security and economy—as well as the health and welfare of our people. COVID-19 has introduced a number of new challenges to our resilience that have both physical and cyber implications—but also opportunities to rethink risk. How can business leaders not only manage the downside of risk at this time, but also leverage a strategic risk evaluation approach to enhance resilience against future crises?  This episode features Robert (Bob) Kolasky, the Assistant Director of the National Risk Management Center (NRMC) in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Bob discusses the interdependencies that exist across public and private industries and the NRMC’s role advising businesses, industry, and the government in the protection of critical infrastructure. He shares insights on some of the biggest risk factors that business owners, operators, and other leaders should consider when making decisions that have downstream infrastructure consequences. And, he also explores some of the greatest gaps in managing cyber risks in critical functions and infrastructure—as well as where innovation is at play—as organizations respond to and recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

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Critical infrastructure at risk

Leaning into recovery: Architecting the resilience hub

As businesses reopen operations and work toward recovery, many leaders see an opportunity to strengthen their organizational resilience. How can they build on the lessons learned from leading through crisis to drive greater coordination, strengthen stakeholder trust, and enable long-term success in the next normal?  In this episode of Resilient, we talk with two Deloitte leaders from the Asia-Pacific region about how organizations can morph their response-focused command center capabilities into a hub for directing resilience-building activities. From this “resilience hub” businesses can mobilize plans for safe and sustainable reopenings, leverage monitoring and scenario planning tools, and pursue transformational opportunities born from crisis. They explore the processes, systems, and functions that might form the foundation of a resilience hub and the common practices that can enable its effectiveness. From their vantage points in Asia, they reflect on crisis response and recovery efforts there, what business leaders have learned, and how they are approaching resilient recovery.

Deloitte leaders in this episode:

  • Eddie Chiu, lead partner, Strategic & Reputation, Deloitte Asia Pacific
  • Theo Niemeijer, director, Cyber & Strategic Risk, Deloitte Japan

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Leaning into recovery

The CLOs role in crisis—a perspective from Alex Dimitrief

Traditionally, the chief legal officer’s (CLO) role is to protect their organizations from risk. But in the rapidly changing and dynamic environment of crisis, legal leaders are under tremendous pressure to advise their stakeholders on the myriad of actions necessary to respond and recover. In this episode, host and Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory principal Don Fancher, talks with Alex Dimitrief, partner at legal management consulting firm, Zeughauser Group, and former chief executive officer (CEO) of GE’s Global Growth Organization, about the evolving role of the CLO.

Alex shares his insights on how legal leads are helping their executive teams respond with speed and agility during the COVID-19 pandemic. He reflects on his experiences as a CLO, CEO, board director, educator, consultant, and litigator to discuss how legal leaders can best support and create value for their organizations through the current turmoil. And he spotlights the challenges CLOs face in leading their teams during this intense and stressful time. With technology adoption and innovation growing across in-house and external counsel, Alex explores how the forces are driving greater efficiency in legal operations and impacting the legal profession as a whole.

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The CLOs role in crisis—a perspective from Alex Dimitrief

Leadership in a challenging world: Futurist and strategist collaborate to rechart our course

From the COVID-19 pandemic to racial injustice in the United States, recent crises have laid bare the urgency for change in our thinking, action, and leadership. In the face of pervasive uncertainty, how can business leaders come together to shape a better, more just and sustainable future?

This episode features a conversation with Eamonn Kelly, chief futurist and Office for the Future leader, and Jason Girzadas, managing principal for Businesses, Global, and Strategic Services and member of Deloitte’s US Executive, two Deloitte leaders who recently coauthored Recharting our course: The evolving focus of business leaders in a challenging world​, a thought-provoking new piece that presents an aspirational cry for business leaders to play a proactive role in shaping a better future.

Eamonn and Jason share their perspectives on the evolving priorities of business leaders in four key areas: rebuilding civic and global trust; accelerating digitization and making new markets; creating a human-centric economy; and helping to resolve urgent societal issues. They discuss why executive leadership should embrace the building of a better future as central to their strategy and explore the fundamental shifts required to drive profound and lasting change. And they share insights on the steps leaders can take to future-proof their organizations as they cultivate a more secure, trustworthy, and resilient world.

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Leadership in a challenging world

Health care: Responding and recovering with resilience

Health care is on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis—and the people who care for those impacted by the pandemic are heroes in our ability to recover as a society and as a country. As health care leaders guide their organizations through this incredibly challenging time, how are they adapting to meet their communities’ and health practitioners’ needs while promoting resilience across their teams? In this episode of Resilient, we welcome two resilient leaders of health care institutions—Kevin Sowers, president of Johns Hopkins Health System, and Michael Dowling, president and CEO at Northwell Health—along with Deloitte’s own chief medical officer, Ken Abrams. They discuss their experiences leading through this unprecedented situation; how they have rewired and reinvented traditional practices to a meet a broad range of patient and caregiver needs. They also share inspiring stories of courage, empathy, and innovation in the face of despair, and reflect on the role that individual and organizational resilience plays in responding to and recovering from crisis. As these leaders collectively assess the impact of COVID-19 on the health care industry, they consider how the lessons of the past few months might be applied to drive radical change in health care’s future.

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Health care: Responding and recovering with resilience

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